Parts/goods are dispatched via carrier within 3 working days from receiving cleared payment of said parts/goods, subject to the below conditions:

The delivery of large items. Large is when parts exceed 500 kgs in one mass or exceed 1.5 meters in length. With these parts we do not have a set delivery price, so customers are advised to contact us before placing an order to find a delivery cost. This is noted on the website when sale parts which come under this category. Any order placed without the customer contacting us over the delivery terms/costs, will be contact via telephone or email and if payment has been taken, a full refund will be made when it is not possible to come to arrangements on delivery of said parts.

Special parts ordered on items that are not on stock/listed on the website listings. In this situation the customer will be advised by telephone or email that we can or cannot obtain these parts. When we can obtain parts that are classed as special order a 50% payment will be required before we will order these special parts from the supplier. On making an order for these items, before a payment is taken the customer will be given an approximate delivery time for receiving said items and can choose not to proceed at this point. Whilst we will make every effort, we cannot guarantee an actual delivery on a specific date or time but will endeavour to do our best. Any part/item purchased under these terms cannot be cancelled once the order has been place and paid for. Should the customer default on taking the ordered goods, no refund will be given and the outstanding balance will still be payable including debt recovery costs incurred. In the circumstances when we fail to for fill a customer’s order due to our supplier no longer being able to offer said products, we will make a full refund of payments made, but will not be liable for any other costs or charges for failing to deliver.

Customers have the choice to collect parts from our dispatch point if required, prior notice is needed to ensure we have the goods/part ready for pick up, subject to 3.4, 3.5, 3.6

Whilst we will all ways endeavour to try and ensure deliveries to our customers are made in a timely manner, subject to 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, we will not be held liable or except any cost or charges for late or none delivery.